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Conversation and Technology 
Adroit-e's clients appreciate a research service which produce intellectually rigorous insights. Over the years we have developed 'just so' technologies, but they are not in your face - clients want actionable results and that's what they get. 
By adopting interactive user - centred practices, and innovative thinking, Adroit-e aims to produce new Research approaches, which maintains its position as 'best of breed'. 
Founded in May 2004 Adroit-e has gained an enviable reputation with its clients in a wide variety of market segments. 
Schools specialist research 
Exhibitions and Events 
Financial Services 
Third Sector 
Property Development 
Small and Local Businesses 
Adroit-e research is underpinned by technology supported and maintained in Finland, and has achieved Microsoft preferred supplier status and ISO 9001 status. 
Oh yes - and we are easy and straight forward to work with and always meet our deadlines. 
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